Criminal arrested for ATM Thief - He reveals how he stole millions with ATM cards

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The Edo State Police Command has captured a 29-year-old ATM hoodlum distinguished as Adetunji Adesina, after he took N678,000 from his ongoing injured individual Ehitomwan Aghama.

Adetunji who was seen as possessing 10 ATM cards of different banks. uncovered that he met Aghama at the ATM office of one of the new age banks in Sapele Road, Benin City.

The suspect said he acted like he needed to pull back cash and diverted his injured individual by dropping his telephone of the floor.

He said;

"My name is Adetunji Adesina, I am from Oshogbi in Osun State, I met Aghama at the ATM machine of the bank (name retained) in Sapele Road, I carried on as though to state I needed to utilize the ATM machine, at that point purposely dropped my telephone on the ground, in feel sorry for he needed to assist me with the telephone.

"I punched the cardless catch on the ATM machine. He was, ignorant that I squeezed the cardless catch, so he thought his card was stuck in the machine and went to look for help from bank laborers. By then, I expelled it from the cardless exchange and evacuated his ATM card.

"I got his ATM pin number when I was claiming to support him, I later pulled back 678,000.00 from his record, utilizing the ATM, and POS (Point of Sales) before I was captured by the Police."

Additionally addressing newsmen, Aghama said he was shocked to see that N20,000 had just been pulled back from his record after he went to the bank to submit a question of his ATM card stalling out in the machine. He additionally uncovered that N600,000 which was paid into his record seven days after the fact by his sibling who remains abroad, was pulled back by the suspect as he didn't hinder the ATM card.

Aghama was reached by the police after they captured the suspect during a night watch.
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