Federal Government announces N36m cash reward for any Nigerian scientist who finds a cure for Coronavirus

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he Federal government has vowed N36 million money blessing to any Nigerian researcher who can discover a remedy for Coronavirus.

Clergyman of Techology, Ogbonnaya Onu, reported this when he talked at the send forward gathering sorted out to pay tribute to the previous executive of Chemical Technology in the service, who as of late resigned.

The Minister said Nigerian researchers need to go into research to discover a remedy for coronavirus so the world can realize that Nigeria has the best personalities.

''I am certain that our researchers have the stuff to discover answer for our issues and cause Nigeria to act naturally dependent. I have no doubt as far as I can say that they can do it. This is the main way we can reposition our country to act naturally dependent: making employments, battle destitution and make riches for our kin in accordance with President Buhari's motivation.

We are giving a valiant effort to energize them right now. I challenge them to go into research and discover answer for Coronavirus with the goal that the world will realize that we have the best personalities we can be glad for.

I am testing our researchers in the interest of the Ministry, I am swearing the entirety of N36million for any Nigerian researcher that discovers answer for Coronavirus. We won't hit the hay or rest until arrangement is found to this malady," he said
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