Court Sentences UNIPORT Student to Death for Murder of Eight-year-old Girl

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A high court in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has condemned a second year understudy of Physics division at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Ifeanyi Dike, and one Ugochukwu Nwamiro, to death by hanging for the homicide of an eight-year-old young lady, Victory Chikamso Nmezuwuba.

The team were condemned to death without an alternative of fine. One is to be hung by his neck until he passes on while the other is to be held tight the leg till he bites the dust also.

Embankment, who was matured 23 years when the occurrence occurred in 2017, was caught by a nearby watchfulness bunch in Eliozu hub of Port Harcourt with a sack containing Chikamso's body following a tip-off. The neighborhood security outfit later gave Dike over to the police for additional examinations and indictment.

He (Dike) allegedly expelled the casualty's eyes, vagina, finger and tongue, in the wake of contaminating and killing her with the help of his cousin, Ugochukwu.

Barely any days after he was given over to the police, Dike got away from the premises of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), with the guide of a police work force on the job, Sgt Johnbosco Okoronze, who neglected to cuff the suspect after he had wrapped up his announcement.

Dam's departure raised serious reactions and judgment for the police laxity even as the then Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, portrayed it as sad and a shame to the police power.

Half a month later, Dike was anyway rearrested in Jos, Plateau State capital by security agents and was taken back to Port Harcourt for preliminary. During preliminary, the police investigator, Sgt. Gift Oheyen, offered the body portions of the casualty as proof to the court.

Scarcely three years after preliminary initiated, the appointed authority, Justice Adolphus Enebele, decided that the confirmations under the watchful eye of the court indicated that the pair contrived and killed Chimkamso and thus, condemned them to death.

The appointed authority likewise condemned Sergeant Johnbosco Okoronze of the State CID to one year detainment for supporting the departure of Dike from police care.

Group of the person in question, Chikamso, communicated help on the judgment while family members of Dike were found in court sobbing after the judgment was passed.

It was accumulated that Dike and the casualty lived both on Messiah Street, Eliozu in Port Harcourt.

Father of the killed young lady, Ernest Nmezuwuba, had in 2017 told the police he was loaded up with anguish in the wake of seeing the mangled body of his little girl. He communicated stun that Dike could mull over murdering his little girl. "The man who murdered my little girl resembles my sibling, somebody near me, I can consider him my cousin."

Describing how his little girl got missing and in the end executed, Nmezuwuba reviewed that Chikamso had mentioned bread for breakfast, which he father purchased for her before he left for work.

Nmezuwuba said when he got back around 3:00p.m. what's more, discovered that his little girl was missing, he promptly started a hunt. At the point when the pursuit got unprofitable, he revealed the issue to the police.

"Along these lines, around 1:30 a.m. security men said that they had seen my girl and that I should come and see the man that abducted her. I was in my shorts and I hurried to the spot with the security specialists. I was informed that the individual that executed my little girl was gotten while conveying a heap in a sack. The cops said when they went up against him, he said he needed to take it to the dustbin."

"When I arrived, I asked: where is my girl? They indicated me a sack. As I opened it, I saw my little girl; I peeped and observed quite well, the two eyes were off, the tongue was gone, one of the bosoms was off, one of the fingers, the littler one, was off. I viewed at the inside, he had cut it (vagina) out. As I turned around and saw him, he (Dike) was taking a gander at the ground."
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