Tragic As Welder Commits Suicide over Inability to pay N120,000 Debt

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A man recognized as Sunday Welder during the end of the week ended it all in his home in Ikorodu over his powerlessness to convey a N120,000 work he owed one of his clients.

"He (Sunday) has consistently revealed to me that he would kill himself if he cannot pay the obligation," Osaze, an Okada part merchant whose workshop is next to Sunday's workshop said.

Sunday, a known welder in Olu-Odo region of Igbogbo, Ikorodu was found dead in his home in Awobo territory of Igbogbo on Sunday evening.

Osaze said the expired's sweetheart, Embella, had gone to visit him yet found the entryway to Sunday's room was bolted.

She apparently solicited Sunday's neighbors from his whereabouts and was informed that they saw the perished going into his room and had not left from that point forward.

Sunday's neighbors a short time later apparently put forth attempts to open the entryway when he was not reacting to their calls and found that he had smashed a harmful segment inside a little jug.

Portraying the conditions of the obligation that prompted Sunday's demise, Osaze said two individuals contracted Sunday to build compartments for them.

The principal individual, Osaze stated, paid Sunday 96,000 while the other individual paid N120,000 to the perished welder.

Osaze clarified that after the time given to Sunday had passed, the individual who paid Sunday N96,000 for a holder came to gather it yet Sunday couldn't deliver it.

"The client restored one more day and found the holder that Sunday made for the individual that paid N120,000 and conveyed it," Osaze stated, "Sunday has been not able to create the N120,000 compartment to the proprietor."

Sunday's choice to drink the noxious segment he took shocks Osaze who said the expired has instant manufactured "Entryways and entryways worth over N300,000 in his shop."

"He generally revealed to me that he would drink something and pass on to spare himself of the pressure," Osaze said.

Sunday's remaining parts have been taken to at a funeral home in Ikorodu, our reporter learnt.

Affirming the occurrence, representative to Lagos State Police Command Bala Elkana stated, "there is an instance of a youngster discovered dead in his room in Igbogbo."

Elkana said cops found a jug of "a substance suspected to be rifleman" which is with the police for after death assessment.

He, in any case, denied claims that the young lady was captured and kept in authority over Sunday's passing.

"No, the sweetheart isn't in authority. She was not captured. She has just been with the police for enquiry on the perished," Elkana told Correspondents.
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