Voice note from Olamide Alli before she was killed by fiancé Chris Ndukwe shows her voicing her concerns to a friend about marrying him

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The late Olamide Alli, who was killed by her life partner, Chris Ndukwe, had worries about wedding him and she voiced those worries to companions in a voice note that has now been made open.

In the VN from 2018, Olamide advised the companion that her wedding to Chris has been planned for October of that year, notwithstanding, she didn't know she needed to get hitched to him.

She said they've known each other for quite a long time and they have two children together, however she doesn't need children to be the main explanation she's getting hitched.

Clarifying why she's reconsidering about wedding Chris, Olamide said she isn't sure they know each other alright.

The wedding didn't hold again in October 2018. It was deferred to August 2020. Shockingly, he killed her in June 2020, deserting their children, matured 7 and 3.

Prior to slaughtering her, Chris secured her up his room, put on uproarious music, at that point tied her up, secured her mouth with a channel tape, before he continued to pull out her plaits from the roots, consistently. He at that point cut her on different occasions.

Hers was a moderate excruciating demise. A while later, Chris ended it all.

The voice note was shared by extremist, Esther Ijiwere. She exhorted ladies to leave in the event that they aren't sure about a relationship.

Tune in to the voice note underneath and screen captures of a visit among Olamide and a companion.

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death by her fiance, Chris Ndukwe, in Lagos? . . A voice note from Olamide complaining about their on and off relationship has surfaced online. . . Apparently they were supposed to get married in October 2018 but they didn't go ahead because she wasn't happy in the relationship. She told the person she sent the voice note to that she doesn't just want to get married because they had children together. . . She said herself and Chris had been together for years but she wasn't sure they really knew each other. She told the person that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. . . Olamide and Chris who have been dating on and off for seven years were supposed to be getting married in August this year. They have a seven year old son and a three year old who has been a bone of contention as Chris has repeatedly doubted his paternity. . . On Sunday June 21, he locked Olamide in his room where he duck taped her, cut her braids and stabbed her multiple times with different knives until she died, and then committed suicide by drinking a pesticide. . . voicenote: @estherijewere
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