You do not need a church wedding to be married, it is not in the scriptures - Reno Omokri says

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Creator and lobbyist, Reno Omokri has shared his contemplations as respects the idea of chapel wedding saying it isn't scriptural.

In arrangement of posts shared on his Facebook page, Reno said the idea of chapel weddings isn't sponsored up by the sacred writings.

As per Reno, a previous media helper to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Jesus in the book of scriptures went to a wedding held at home and not a congregation. Reno said all that is required for a wedding function to occur, is a man, his better half and their relatives, not a congregation, minister or cleric.

He included that God streamlined marriage, yet Africans in replicating the whites have muddled it.

He composed : ''Someone said church wedding is vital on the grounds that ministers are God's delegates on Earth. To that man, my inquiry is this: What are your folks? Villain's delegate? No gift on Earth is more prominent than parent's favoring.''

''After God, guardians. Peruse Christ's anecdotes with respect to marriage-Luke 14:8-10. It doesn't include a minister or minister. My dear individuals, these European thoughts regarding church wedding are regulations of men, there is not all that much or blessed about it. Blessed marriage just includes the couple and their folks. That is the reason the main instruction among the Ten Commandments with a gift joined to it is "Respect your dad and your mom, that your days might be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you"- Exodus 20:12''

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